Debbie Poulin

• WHO •

Longtime lover of words and images and all things French.   Just another kid who’s world view was formed in the 50′s and 60′s by the great, brave photojournalists and editors of Life, Look, Time, and Newsweek magazine to name just a few.        

 Twenty years selling fine wine to merchants and restaurateurs in Chicago taught me the importance of time, place and light.

Dawn light Vezelay France.  Olympus point and shoot. '08

Dawn light Vezelay France.  Olympus point and shoot. '08

• WHAT •

The light. I never tire of trying to capture it.  I started shooting film in high school, then digital point and shoots when my kids were young. Now Nikon and Olympus.  Usually shoot in manual mode. Existing Light.  Always learning. 

• WHY •

It gets me out the door some days.